Walkaways Thunder Rolls

Shown here winning with handler Cindi Huckfeldt

Breeders:  Mary Jane Ladd and Mary Hawkins

Owners: Mel Dold and Will Konneker

Ch Maco's Sugar Twin

Ch Kristea's Sugarlion Ch Marienburg's Sun Hawk CD Marienburg's Sundancer
Ch Marienburg's Desert Flame
Ch Brown's E Exacta of Equinox Ch Brown's B Barret
Windrush's Amber
Ch Excalibur's Ba Ba Black Sheep Ch Royalmead's Joker's Wild Ch Wynterwynd's Wild Tempest LC-10D
Ch Tolivar's Belle of the Ball WAC
Ch Excalibur's Prelude to Fame Ch Wynterwynd's Wild Tempest LC-10D
Ch Amulet's Elf v Gluckliche
Ch Primary Guilty As Cin

Am/Can Ch Star Tyme's Field of Dreams WAC Am/Can Ch Wingate's Quiet Riot CD ROM Am Int Ch Angel's Dark Thunder WAC LC-11D
Am/Can Ch Sherluck's Private Benjamin CD LC-13D BFL-1
Ch Star Tyme's Mountain Laurel CD ROM Ch Electra's the Wind Walker GHC
Am/Can Ch Bar-Lock's Ketcha Star
Ch Primary Cinnabar Ch Brunswig's Cryptonite Ch Beaulane the Nite Ryder
Brunswig's Zephyr
Ch Beaulane Every Nite Josephine Ch Electra's the Wind Walker GHC
Ch Beaulane Nite Moves